Good afternoon. I am Mayor Paul Medany. Today is June 15, 2020. On behalf of Deptford Township Council we are here with our update on current events.

Covid-19 statistics in Deptford, Gloucester County and NJ. Deptford we have 500 cases total but keep in mind 400 are from our long term care facilities. Gloucester County has 2,300 and NJ as a whole has 140,000.

Deptford Township residents and visitors have done an excellent job stopping the spread of this virus. Thank you Deptford residents and our visitors.

These videos have been providing information and communication through all of the crisis situations. Council’s job is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all residents.

We want you to know we are listening to the issues surrounding us. It has been a most challenging year but we are taking action and we keep moving forward.

It is becoming very easy to forget that this disease is still among us.  To keep us in a safe place we simply have to follow rules.

Keep in mind, scientists are still studying this and there are still many unanswered questions at this point. What most science has determined is the disease spreads mostly by droplets from talking, sneezing, coughing. They also know it spreads by contact because it can live on surfaces, how long it lives on surfaces varies with what type. Stainless steel can carry it longer than cardboard and different materials have different transmission rates.

The story here is this. We must get back to a normalized society and that society will have to behave differently. That behavior will include masks, hand sanitizers, staying a distance from others, no close talking, no hugging and shaking hands to prevent this disease from spreading.

All of those things are not that difficult, so we just change behaviors. We have done it this far so let’s keep it up.

But what doesn’t make sense is why a big box store has been allowed to remain open and is thriving when most other businesses are closed especially our mall?

Now we have been advocating, calling and writing for months now for better answers and have not received a good explanation for this contradiction from the Governor.

Now as far as what is open, what will be opening, and restrictions, look on our website https://www.deptford-nj.org.

Our Township building is now open with restrictions. Bars and restaurants are opening with restrictions. I know we all want to get out, just use guidelines. Hopefully playgrounds will open very soon. Keep checking back for schedules of events and other openings.

The complexities of local government can be challenging. We have restrictions from the State. We have rules and regulations and mandates that we must follow. But our Council and administration is prepared for all these through training, education and especially experience.

On another Deptford note, yes, there was a bear in the Oak Valley section this Sunday. It is wandering around different areas apparently. It looks cute but keep in mind it can be very dangerous. Please exercise extreme caution with any wildlife you encounter.

It has been an uplifting experience attending all the drive-by birthday parties, especially since we had two residents turn 100 in the last month. Happy birthday to all who missed having a party.

This week is graduation week for all of our school children from kindergarten thru high school.

High school graduation is especially bittersweet because they missed part of their final year and missed spending time with our great educators and their fellow classmates.

Congratulations to all and we wish you all the best.

Stay safe always. Thank you Deptford! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay informed:

Visit the Center for Disease Control website at https://www.cdc.gov

Visit the State Department of Health website at https://www.nj.gov/health/

Contact the NJ Coronavirus Center hotline at 800-222-1222


Mayor Paul Medany & Township Council

Mayor Medany Message June 15, 2020